Walk east down Florida Ave in Washington D.C. a away from its intersection with 14th Street and you'll come to a small alley.  Okay, now go down that alley.  (Trust me, do it - would the internet ever lead you astray?  Don't answer that.)  So, go down the alley until you come to a beautiful, … Continue reading Maydan

The Spotted Pig

Innocuously tucked into a corner in the famous Greenwich Village neighborhood in lower Manhattan, almost hidden in plain sight, sits a restaurant that reflects the artistic and bohemian vibe that the neighborhood is known for.  It blends in so well that you have to know what you're looking for in order to see it.  There … Continue reading The Spotted Pig


For the past three years, any time someone has asked me what restaurant is at the top of my list of places that I want to go to in Atlanta, the answer has consistently and unequivocally been Gunshow.  Hands down.  Easy.  No contest. After finally dining at Gunshow a few months ago, my solitary regret is that it took … Continue reading Gunshow

Kitchen Six

Sometimes reservations can be difficult to come by.  Reservations can be even more difficult to come by when a native Atlantan chef opens a new restaurant.  Reservations are even still more difficult to come by when said new restaurant is owned by a few of the neighborhood families.  Kitchen Six is currently one of those reservations. … Continue reading Kitchen Six