Do you wish that all of this information was pinned to a large picture that corresponds to the location of each restaurant?

Like on, say, a map??

Well, wish no more!  The map for each city has all of the restaurants that have been written about for that city – with a link to the restaurant website, as well as a link to the blog post for that restaurant in the description.  Each map will be updated as the blog is updated.  So, whenever there’s a new post on the blog, there’s also a new spot on the map.

All you have to do in order to view the map is click on the link for the map that you want and boom – all the information is now at your fingertips!  AND as an added bonus, once you open the map, you will automatically have access to it as a filter in the GoogleMaps app on your phone or tablet.  Just make sure that you’re logged into a google account when you do, and it’s all yours!