Hello there and welcome to MISE EN PLATE!

If you’ve found yourself on this page, then you must want to know more about the purpose of this blog, what MISE EN PLATE means, or you accidentally clicked on the tab while attempting to click on another tab.

Whatever your reason for coming to this page and reading these words, I’ll attempt to address it.  Sound good?  Okay, cool.

So, what does MISE EN PLATE mean then?

I’ll tell you.  MISE EN PLATE is a (made-up) derivation of a common French culinary term, mise en place, which means “everything in its place”.  When applied to cooking, mise en place means that everything is prepared and ready to begin cooking (i.e. garlic is minced, butter is cubed, meat is portioned, utensils are clean and close by, etc.).  To put it simply, but in many more words: everything is organized and ready in order to begin cooking quickly and competently.

Okay, but how does mise en place relate to this blog?

Well, I wanted to create a place where I could organize and document my thoughts and experiences at various restaurants for easy access.  Since the meaning of mise en place pretty much boils down (HA, food pun.  Lots more where that came from) to organization, and since restaurants have plates, AND since the words place and plate look and sound similar, I thought that it would be a good name for a restaurant blog.  Maybe I was wrong?  Too late now!

Oh, I see.  Well, why should I listen to your thoughts and opinions about restaurants?

Good question.  For one, I really enjoy going to restaurants and staying up to date on new restaurants, changes, and finding the best food wherever I happen to be. (Who doesn’t?)

For 2, I’ve eaten at a lot of restaurants. (Who hasn’t?)

For third, I am employed in the food industry and it’s part of my job to taste and evaluate foods. (Okay, that’s a little more specific and unique)

For IV, I love giving people restaurant recommendations.  It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do.  This blog will make it easier to do that. (That’s sweet)

And for lastly, because I have opinions and a reliable internet connection. (I hate you)

Cool cool cool.  What makes this blog different from any other restaurant site or blog?

This blog is a hobby for me.  It is purely for my entertainment and reference.  All of this to say that I am an amateur (as if it isn’t already abundantly clear from my writing), so everything you read on here will be based on my perspective and my honest thoughts about my experiences.

I’m not out to rank the best or worst restaurants, or pizza places, or what have you.  This blog is meant to document where I’ve been and what I thought about it in order to help you make an informed decision about where you want to eat.  Simple as that.

That’s good enough, I guess.  How often will there be new posts?

Because this is a hobby for me, and because I’m not flush with enough cash to eat out at some of the best restaurants every week or even every month, there is no schedule for new posts.  I will try my best to post as regularly as possible, but it all depends on when I have an opportunity to go to a new place.

Alright, but why are almost all of the restaurants you write about located in Atlanta?

That’s because I currently live in Atlanta, and have lived in Atlanta for over two decades.  So naturally, I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in Atlanta.  Also, I believe that Atlanta has a fantastic food and restaurant culture that is continually improving and innovating.  Atlanta is an up and coming and often overlooked food destination.  I love Atlanta food and you should too!

However, whenever I travel, I always make an effort to find the best food that the place has to offer.  So, don’t be surprised if there are spurts of posts from places (that aren’t Atlanta) around the country and potentially around the world!

Hey, uh, I accidentally clicked on this page and you said at the beginning that you’d address this issue.

Oh yeah.  Um, first of all, sorry for making you read or scroll down this far.  Maybe try clicking the “back” button on your web browser to go back to the previous page?  If that doesn’t work, and depending on how aggravated you are at this point, you could also just close out your web browser or throw your computer/tablet/phone out the window.  Any of these options should get you off of this page.  Good luck and come back soon!!