Revolution Doughnuts

I am a morning person.

This is due to routine and genetics on some level, I’m sure (I have never woken up before my parents).  Also, breakfast is served in the morning, and donuts are a breakfast food.  So that’s when I like to wake up – when there are donuts.

To be sure, you can have donuts after breakfast or really whenever you want.  There are no laws governing when it is acceptable to eat a donut.  At least not to my knowledge (and I am not going to deep dive into specific food law for a silly donut blog post, sorry).  But, it is generally frowned upon to eat donuts later in the day.  Not like super frowned upon or anything.  It is more like judgmentally side-eyed upon, I guess.  That’s just the way it goes with donuts sometimes.

Donuts, much like coffee and  beer, have turned away from the big national chains and more towards local, artisan, and craft producers.  I guess you could say there’s a donut revolution. . .

I mean, I wouldn’t say that because it’s a terrible pun and a poor, forced transition into  discussing a great donut shop of the same name, but you could say it.  I won’t stop you.


Revolution Doughnuts is one of the few local donut shops in Atlanta, and it’s the closest one to me, so it is the one that I go to for my morning fried dough fix.

I know I joked about it above, but the name Revolution Doughnuts really does come from their desire to buck the trend and remain small, family-owned, and to make everything in house.  Everything – from the doughs, to the glaze, to the fillings – everything in house.  In addition to and because of their attention to detail, Revolution Doughnuts uses organic flour, local dairy, fresh fruit, natural flavor extracts, and 100% trans-fat free vegetable oil.  An added benefit of all of that is that most of the donuts at Revolution Doughnuts are vegan.  To be clear, I am not even remotely close to being vegan, but I feel confidant saying that vegan food never tasted so good!


While I may be a morning person, I am not a coffee person.  I know it’s weird, but we’re not here to talk about my quirks and peccadilloes; we’re here to talk about Revolution Doughnuts, which also serves coffee, so I would be remiss to not mention the caffeinated morning beverage at all.  Apparently you can’t have donuts without coffee.  Well I did.  Can’t have a revolution without a rebel!

Revolution Doughnuts serves Cafe Campesino coffee, which fits in with the values of the donut shop in being 100% fair trade and organic coffee.  I’m sure it’s a great cup of coffee, if that’s what you’re into – which I’m not, since I don’t like coffee.  Please check out their website for more, or better yet grab a cup at Revolution Doughnuts, because I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to coffee. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay, enough of that.  On to the Donuts!


Oh my goodness.  Look at those!  There are so many good looking donuts in a multitude of styles (Filled, Yeast Raised, Baked Cake, Cake Style, and Fritters) and flavors (from crème brûlée to caramel bacon to a buttermilk bar).  How are you supposed to pick just one?!?

The answer to that is don’t – pick two (or more)!  That’s what I did.

In order to get a general overview of all of the donuts at Revolution Doughnuts, I opted for the Blueberry Jam Filled Donut (yeast raised, filled) and the Cinnamon Apple Fritter (fritter, duh).  Blogging is hard. . .


If this isn’t one of the best ways to start your morning, then I don’t know what is.

The Blueberry Jam Filled donut did NOT skimp on the blueberry jam filling.  Not at all.  There was a decent bit of the slightly tart jam in every single bite which helped to perfectly counteract the sweetness of the sugar coating the outside of the donut.  The dough was light and sweet and a perfect vessel for the flavors of the donut.  By the end I was wiping up any leftover bits of jam with my finger – NO JAM LEFT BEHIND!

The Cinnamon Apple Fritter will always be a personal favorite of mine.  No single component is overpowering, but rather the dough, apple, cinnamon and spices meld together into a cohesive and comprehensive flavor that is only highlighted by the sweetness of the glaze it’s topped with.

Revolution Doughnuts has been around since 2012 and has clearly carved out quite the following in that time.  When I showed up to the Decatur location at 8am on a Saturday, there was already a line out the door waiting to get in.  In addition to being regular vendors in a number of Farmers Markets (Grant Park Farmers Market, Morningside Farmers Market, and Emory Farmers Market), they have also opened a second Revolution Doughnuts location in Inman Park right by the Krog Street Market.

It’s easy to see, or rather taste, why Revolution Doughnuts has been such a success thus far.  While their donuts may be a little more expensive than your run of the mill national donut chain (they’re not outrageous at an average $3 per donut), they are absolutely worth it.  And since most of the donuts are vegan, that means they’re healthy right?  RIGHT???

Trust me, you DONUT want to spend another day without Revolution Doughnuts in your life!


Wow. . . that was. . . bad.

Really bad.

I’ll see myself out.

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