That’s right, Superica, the place your friends keep Instagramming for brunch.  And, honestly, who can blame them?  Between the location and the patio, not to mention the food, it’s almost like Superica was made for Insta.  I mean, it wasn’t; it was made to serve incredible Tex-Mex food and drinks and to make money for the owners, but sometimes it’s fun to think otherwise.

Superica has been around almost as long as Krog Street Market (it opened 3 months after the market).  The Tex-Mex restaurant is part of the Ford Fry pantheon of Atlanta restaurants (seriously, that guy keeps striking gold) and one of the few full restaurants located around the periphery of the Krog Street Market food hall.

One of the main attractions at Superica, other than the food, which I’ll get into later, is their large outdoor patio right off of Krog Street, advertised by their vintage marquee sign.  With the existing Beltline and the upcoming Beltline extension literally steps away, the patio at Superica is a prime spot for some people watching while sipping a margarita and munching on some wonderful Tex-Mex on a beautiful Georgia afternoon or evening.

Indoors is a large, full bar and an open dining room.  Exposed lightbulbs, painted brick walls, and old westerns silently projected onto said painted brick walls contribute to the distressed, hip, Tex-Mex ambiance of the restaurant.

Easily my favorite thing at Superica is their flour tortillas.  Granted, I prefer flour tortillas over corn tortillas in just about every capacity other than tortilla chips; but the flour tortillas at Superica are better – much better – than your run of the mill (ha, get it?  Mill, like a flour mill.  Ha!) flour tortilla.  I suspect that much of the reason for their superi(ca)or tortillas is that they are made in house and practically to order as opposed to being bought.

But, there has to be more to it than that, right?  Maybe I just don’t have enough homemade tortillas in my life?  It’s like watching watching an NBA game after only watching middle school recreational league games for your entire life.  Or it’s like listening to “All of Me” by John Legend for the first time after only listening to the Kidz Bop version (Who are those Kidz trying to fool?  Theres no substitute for John Legend!).  Which is to say, yeah, sure, what you had before was good and not bad, but now that you’ve found thisTHIS!!! – how can you ever go back?

So, my recommendation at Superica would be to get anything – as long as it comes with or is made with their flour tortillas.  Tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, they’re all great!

Moving on from flour tortillas because, I believe that I have sufficiently made my point in 200 words.



The most recent time that I was at Superica, I ordered the Parilla Mixta Fajitas, which is fajitas with steak, chicken, and carnitas (pork belly).  Typically, I am firmly in the anti-fajita camp for two big reasons;  1) I am ordering food from a restaurant.  There shouldn’t have to be “some assembly required” in order for me to consume my food.  “Hey, there’s a sizzling hot skillet that is still cooking your food!  Good luck not burning yourself while putting it all together!” No thank you.  2) Fajitas usually come with onions and bell peppers as the base, and I don’t like bell peppers very much.  So, yeah, I never order fajitas.

However, in a surprising turn of events, the fajitas at Superica are described on the menu as being “Served with guacamole, smoked onion, pico de gallo, Mexican butter (?), and house tortillas“.  Notice the lack of bell peppers in that description – I sure did.  I also calculated that fajitas are likely the easiest way to increase my opportunity for tortillas.  And for those people that don’t mind peppers, or even like peppers (I realize that I’m in the minority), the fajitas do come with a blistered jalapeno on the side, which is easily removed or eaten.  If that’s you’re thing, I guess.

As for the other components of the fajitas, the steak is excellent and probably one of my favorite proteins offered at Superica.  The chicken is good and better than a lot of other chicken out there, but nothing special.  The carnitas is pork belly, so, I mean, it’s wonderful.

It may not look like much, but the fajitas are indeed a lot of food.  They could easily be shared or split into multiple meals (I wound up getting 3 meals out of mine) (Yes, I asked for extra tortillas to take home).

Elsewhere on the table were Steak Tacos Al Carbon, Pollo con Mole Enchiladas, as well as rice and refried beans (or 2x fried frijoles, as the restaurant calls them) for the table.

I did not get to try these, but from what I could tell, the tacos are a pretty substantial size and could easily be a meal on their own.  The enchiladas were smothered in cheese and mole just like all enchiladas should be and were said to be delicious.


Superica has quickly become my go to Tex-Mex restaurant (that’s right, Chili’s!!  Take a back seat!) and makes trying to sample the rest of what Krog Street Market has to offer much more difficult.  I mean, those tortillas, man.  So good.

While I have not been for brunch yet, I imagine that it’s just as good, if not better than the regular menu.  At least that’s what my friends on Instragram say.  As long as they still have tortillas, I think I’ll be fine with whatever they set in front of me, no matter what time of day.


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