Poogan’s Porch

My extended family is spread all across the southeast, and while Charleston isn't exactly equidistant for everyone involved (sorry Louisiana cousins), we spent quite a few Thanksgivings together in the Charleston area. Not too long ago, I realized that despite spending many Thanksgivings in the Charleston area, and despite Charleston being an awesome place, I don't … Continue reading Poogan’s Porch


For the past three years, any time someone has asked me what restaurant is at the top of my list of places that I want to go to in Atlanta, the answer has consistently and unequivocally been Gunshow.  Hands down.  Easy.  No contest. After finally dining at Gunshow a few months ago, my solitary regret is that it took … Continue reading Gunshow

Kitchen Six

Sometimes reservations can be difficult to come by.  Reservations can be even more difficult to come by when a native Atlantan chef opens a new restaurant.  Reservations are even still more difficult to come by when said new restaurant is owned by a few of the neighborhood families.  Kitchen Six is currently one of those reservations. … Continue reading Kitchen Six